Saturday, December 28, 2013

December 27. Day 361. The cooling off period

Size does matter, apparently. For years people have looked at our TV and laughed at the tragic smallness of it. But as I hardly ever watch TV upgrading to a bigger model was not a priority. At all.
However, we decided the time had come to adopt if not the latest technology at least something from the current century; our hand forced by factors which included this year's switch from analogue to digital technology and the fact that I can't even watch my own students TV news bulletins on our existing model.
And so a very large flat screen made its way into the lounge room today.
Naturally the teen was delighted and while we were still looking for the instruction manual he'd scanned in all the channels and connected the device to the Internet. Bloody annoying how young people can do that. But then he lost interest and was out in the pool. All the inches, USB ports, 3D technology, wi-fi connectivity, Blu Ray, high definition and all those other things that mean nothing to me can not compete with the pull of the pool on a stifling hot Queensland day. I guess he was just applying the cooling off period that comes with every major purchase.


  1. A brilliant capture, and I'm with him, give me the pool over the gadgets any day! That water looks so inviting. Hope you had a lovely sunny Christmas.

  2. Great action shot! Hope you've had a fun Christmas x #CountryKids

  3. Ha ha, love that shot! Love the way that kids (or teens in your case) have a far greater idea of how technology works than us!

  4. Oh my, I'm with your son there! A little bit of technological thinking and then a dip in he pool-that sounds pretty perfect to me :)

  5. I'm loving that the pool was still interesting enough to leave the new technology.

  6. I'd much rather be in the pool than be watching TV! #CountryKids