Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2. Day 336. Black and blue

Exercise is bad for you. Okay, every scientific study - and even my personal experience - would say the opposite but the pain screaming my right ankle is bad enough to counteract all that and more.
The worst of it is that I didn't actually do anything to hurt it. Sure, I hiked up Mount Cooth-tha before breakfast but it felt fine until some hours later at which point it moved from a bit sore to unbearably painful in the space of about 30 minutes. I couldn't walk on it. I couldn't touch it and even using my foot on the accelerator was enough to bring real tears to my eyes.
With the level of pain it should have looked as black and blue as this bird I photographed on the walk but no. Nothing. No bruising. No swelling and no elaborate story to explain the limp.
But the pharmacy assistant could tell. "You were running away from Brad Pitt, right?" She asked. Don't be ridiculous. That wasn't how it happened. It was George Clooney. Seriously George, I know you are only human but could you just leave me alone ...

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