Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 28. Day 362. Letting my hair down

I have given over control of my life to a piece of fruit. The Apple tells me where I need to be, when and with whom and not only that thanks to the map function on the phone also tells me how to get there. But I am now in full holiday mode. Too bad iPhone, there's no schedule now. I will cool off in the pool when it's hot and walk the dog when the temperature drops a bit. If I feel like an afternoon nap in the morning so it will be.  The whole family is just chilling, Well that's plan, or lack thereof. And it has been working a treat just letting my hair down (as demonstrated by my delightful niece Cleo). But today the one flaw in the up-yours-iPhone plan was exposed. Not knowing what day of the week it is meant I almost missed the one thing in the diary this week - a night at the theatre to see A Murder is Announced. As a fan of Agatha Christie from way back missing that would have been a huge disappointment. But I realised in time and with nothing to reschedule I managed to squeeze it in - and a delight it was too. And in the cool of the night after the show I walked the dog and then took a midnight swim. Perfect, well almost. I still haven't worked out how to solve Who Done It before the big reveal at the end. There's probably an App for that. Now where did I put the phone again? I might not be using the diary function for now but it's still good for something.

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