Thursday, December 12, 2013

December 12. Day 346. Always take the weather with you

Because I know you were wondering, the weather today was a few showers at first clearing mid afternoon.
Why would I think you would care? Because I suspect no topic is subjected to more closer analysis than what the weather gods are up to.
Today was one of those pre-Christmas days that had me charging between shops, government departments, medical offices, food outlets etc, etc earnestly marking off entries that I had carefully added to the to-do list (naturally, because of the season, it was a list I had checked twice).
Everywhere I went the greeting was the same "what's the weather like outside? or variations on the theme".
I rather suspect had I said "the snow is really closing in now" the person asking the question would not even have raised an eyebrow and just parroted "I know, right".
The thing is that there is something safe, familiar and comforting in conversations about the weather.
No-one can be offended in seasonal small talk. We all have an opinion. Everyone can join in. It's never going to get you into much trouble. It's common ground.
And it must have been nice for the common ground I was walking on to have received a light sprinkling this morning. A bit of a cold shower for everyone rushing around to get things done before Christmas was quite welcome. If only it had the same impact on my credit card now smoking hot from all the love and attention it's been getting of late.....

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