Friday, December 6, 2013

December 6. Day 340. Nowhere to hide

 It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas - that magical time of year where a new game called Hide the Presents begins.
I'm running out of suitable hiding places, which is surprising in as much as the presents seem to have shrunk in size over the years. No longer do I have to secrete trampolines, cubby houses or puppet theatres.
No, teen presents tend to be much, much smaller in bulk although even more capable of making a giant impression on the bank balance.
The male residents of my house, that is everyone but me, do not like surprises. They are incapable of keeping them and they would prefer the joy of finding the hidey hole than the joy of unwrapping the unexpected on Christmas morning.
I will not give in to this. With the house vacant for several hours today I was able to seek out new places to stow gifts. And then I rewarded self with a walk where I found the reptiles at the University of Queensland lakes were also seemingly looking for somewhere to hide.


  1. Amazing pictures as always. Love the way their heads are peeking out of the water.

  2. wow what wonderful photos of the reptiles peepeng out from the water. well done on the xmas present hiding x