Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 19. Day 353. White Christmas

Holidays. That time of the year when you get to sleep in without a single place to be or appointment to keep. Well that's the plan. So why the bloody hell was I awake at 4.30am? Seriously, what I need is Mr Sandman - that magical person supposed to put children to sleep by sprinkling sand in their eyes - to relax his criteria a little and lend me a little of his sleeping potion. But in the absence of that I decided there was only one thing for it - seize the day and hit the beach. While I might whinge about wanting to keep a date with the doona, I fully admit that dawn walks along the beach are something special and I never regret it once I decide to get up and go.
And this morning I was reminded again that Christmas in Australia might not be eve vaguely like what most carols talk about but that doesn't make it any less special.
In fact, when I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, this is what it will look like. Now all I need is for this Mr Sandman to allow me enough sleep to actually dream ...

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  1. Now that is Brilliant, I'm going to copy this when we go to the beach next!