Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 7. Day 341. Susan survives Swift

Dear Taylor Swift,
Susan has my permission to attend your concert at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane tonight
Susan's mother.
Seriously, I think that the vast majority of the audience at tonight's concert were of an age that they would either have needed their Mum's consent or have been in the presence of a responsible parent or guardian.
That is only one reason I was a surprise starter at the concert.
There's also the fact that until two hours before kick-off my plan for Saturday night had included a mug of green tea and Midsomer Murders on the tele.
Also, there's the small matter that I could not sing a single line of any song by Ms Swift if you paid me.
But my mate Megan had a spare ticket and there's a lot worse things that a girl can do on a Saturday night than hang with one of your nearest and dearest girl buddies.
Besides, I lost my big concert virginity at that same stadium to Simon and Garfunkel on February 15, 1983. And further, I lost my dignity to Robbie Williams again at Suncorp on December 14, 2006.
Also I have seen both One Direction and Justin Beiber perform live (long stories) and eventually my hearing came back so all good really.
And ....
It was one of the best concerts I have been to. Ever.
Taylor is an amazing performer. The show was part musical theatre, part light and sound show and quite simply a piece of theatrical magic.
One minute we were in a fair ground, then channeling Madonna when she was a Material Girl and later all Alice in Wonderland.
She was Billy Joel at the piano and dancing like Fred Astaire.
She can sing, dance, play the guitar and drums and boy can that girl work an audience. And let's face it, she looks pretty good in high waisted shorts too.
I'm in awe. I may never fully regain my hearing but I'm in awe.
I think that concert tops Midsomer Murders (if only because I stayed awake to the very end even though it was past my bedtime. Please don't tell my mother).

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