Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23. Day 357. The silver lining

So some optimist somewhere once said every cloud must have a silver lining and now people everywhere go around repeating it in the hope it will make them feel better. I have to say that as I stared out at the clouds over the ocean on the final morning of our awesome beach holiday the silver lining was proving strangely illusive. So I decided to dig deep into the recesses of my brain and find not only a silver lining but a gold-plated list of reasons it would be good to head back to reality. Here goes. 
1) (sings) I'll be home for Christmas
2) The dog will stop smelling like a dead fish. All that rolling in the surf and playing with his doggy mates like the one pictured below might be fun but you don't come up smelling like roses
3) My camera will thank me for it. It is well known that cameras and sand don't mix but this week the Canon has had more contact with white powder than your average coke head
4) I  can start removing sand from my bits as well
5) I get to sleep in my own bed. Sure those 1000 thread count, hotel grade, crisp white sheets were great at the beginning of the week but they were starting to feel like sand paper. Also, the dog gets to return to the bed. House rules were no dogs in the sleeping areas or on the furniture. Naturally that rule was very strictly adhered to
6) I leave as reigning Uno champion 
7) I get to start planning the next holiday.It may be that all good things must come to an end but that doesn't mean you can't move on to the next one

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