Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 12. Day 345. Dripping

Even at 7am, the writing was on the wall (or more precisely in a big wet patches under my armpits). It was going to be a stinking, humid Brisbane day.
Had I not been in work clothes I would have been under this water play feature at South Bank before breakfast.
By the time time I had hiked up Highgate Hill I was - like the water feature - dripping. It was a day where you didn't need the weather forecast to tell you a thunder storm was coming. The personal comfort meter was all the evidence a girl needed - that and the desperate need to crank up the air conditioning in full awareness that the resulting power bill will probably require a second mortgage to pay. Roll on summer, roll on. Or perhaps that should be roll on deodorant, roll on. It was that kind of day.

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