Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 17. Day 351. Life's a beach

I can't tell you how many $$$$ it is costing me to bring my dog on holidays (well I could but as my accountant husband often reads my ramblings I am choosing not to). Let's just say there is a HUGE premium attached to taking a holiday with your fur friend. Until this year, I had given no thought to the concept of pet holidays but I now realise that all of the thousands of holiday units up and down the coast have pet bans. This means that houses are your only option and for the most part these are palatial and come with a price tag to match. When I tell people this, particularly those without fur friends, they normally roll their eyes and politely mention the word kennels. Sorry people, it's not happening and here's why. It's been a sh*t of a year and the things that have kept me just the right side of insanity have included long walks, my dog (often in combination) and a beach holiday in September (with lots of both of the above). Walking along the beach is good for my soul and of all the members of my family, the one who most shares that passion is Rumple. I simply could not consider going on holidays to the beach without him. Today we walked for two hours in the early morning and again in the late afternoon and it was just awesome. This is a family holiday and that means all the family comes along. Whatever it costs me for that privilege is a small price to pay.

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