Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 5. Day 156. Tow, tow, tow your car

Well wouldn't that just give you the shits?
#$%^&* car had to be towed this afternoon. I'm over that car and have decided we shall get a new one. This is my silver lining for today.
In fact I shall choose to concentrate on the positives in what was a very, very average situation.
Negative: I was driving on a very busy road when the engine simply cut out
Positive: I was turning into a side street and the slope allowed me to coast to relative safety before stopping
Negative: I was taking The Boy back to school for an important piece of drama assessment
Positive: We were close enough for him to walk and get there in time
Negative: The puppy was in the car
Positive: So was his lead
Negative: A quick trip to the school on a busy afternoon ended up taking hours
Positive: At least I didn't do the school run in my PJs
So there you have it. A new car it will be. I have yet to tell my husband this. I don't actually care what he says. My mind is made up. The man who towed the car was very nice but I have no desire to meet him again.

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