Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2. Day 153. Snakes alive!

There is something very, very compelling about snakes.
Don't get me wrong. If there's one in my territory I give it a wide berth, a very wide berth to be honest.
I'm not one who believes that the only good snake is a dead one but I'd rather not see them lounging in my back garden or in the pool filter box, thank-you very much. I know they are there but if they could pretend otherwise I'm good with that.
However, if I know the snake is harmless and not in my backyard (literally) it's impossible not to be captivated.
Perhaps there's something about a snake's scaly skin, desire to sun itself and hide for most of the winter as well as the ability to eat almost impossible amounts of food in one sitting that attracts me to the creatures. There's a natutal affinity right there.
In any event, I'm not the only one. This Black-headed python, which weighs in at an impressive eight kilograms, was quite the scene stealer at the Green Heart Fair at Chermside today.
For those not taken with snakes, there was plenty more to see and do at the World Environment Day event.
From rock climbing to recyclable art, inflatable soccer pitches, face painting, environmental information and displays, tree planting, kids activities, food and stage shows, there was plenty for families to see and do on a perfect winter's day.
It was worth coming out of my winter hibernation for.


  1. What an amazing climbing wall! And I do like the photo of the snake!

  2. I'm a bit fascinated by snakes, maybe because we don't have any at all in Ireland, but I'm always keen to hold them at fairs and the zoo :)

  3. Not sure my 1st comment worked. Spud loves snakes but I'm with you. OK to look at but wouldn't want one in my garden!

  4. We saw a snake today, not a common sight in Cornwall.That climbing wall looks very high, good to see all the ropes in place. Thanks for linking to Country Kids.

  5. looks like a really good event, even with the snakes