Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1. Day 152. Checkmate

God I'm glad we moved close to the school given how much time I seem to spend there. Tonight it was Carnivale and I "volunteered" to work on the drink stall, as you do when you are a school mum. There were rides and food but for the most part the night was a celebration of the talents of the young men who attend the school. I love that a boys' schools can now celebrate not only their successes on the sporting field or in the academic area but the talents of those good at debating, chess, drama or music.
I also love that whether it's a throw the ball competition, jumping castle, photo booth or giant chess board, the young men were at the same time fiercely competitive and extremely supportive of each other and not afraid to embrace the inner child really not that far under the surface.
Sweaty, smelly creatures they might be but correctly nurtured they are loyal and loving.
They are attributes worth celebrating.

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