Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10. Day 161. A wet blanket

Well what a wet blanket today was. Grey, bleak and frankly quite unpleasant.
Had it not been for the lack of food in the fridge it would have been a total doona day but hunger forced my hand and demanded I get out of the PJs and hit the shops.
Having done so, there was no excuse to not keep going and take a walk in the soggy city.
On any other public holiday, the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and boardwalk would be teeming with people.
Not today. Clearly I wasn't the only one considering staying in the cave. In any event, the Queen's Birthday is not like any other public holiday. There is no imperative to get out and do anything. No official flag waving event, not sombre ceremony, no religious feast or church service. Nothing. Not even a cake for the Queen. So with nothing I had to do, nothing is pretty much what I and most of Brisbane did.
At least it didn't rain on anyone's parade because there wasn't one. Perhaps that's the silver lining to this very grey cloudy public holiday in the city.

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