Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 19. Day 170. Be Prepared

Some years ago I went out on the Bay on a day's sailing with friends. One of my mates was determined to teach me how to tie proper nautical knots. She gave up in disgust never having encountered a specimen less able to follow visual instructions combined with a criminal lack of left/right awareness. I would never have made a Girl Guide.
However I have adopted the Girl Guide Be Prepared motto at least when it comes to my handbag. Anyone who picks it up seems compelled to exclaim "What the hell do you have in here?".
You just never know what you might need. The tragedy is that carrying that much stuff seriously impacts on my back health and means I have extreme difficulty locating anything in my bag because of all the crap I'm carrying.
But some times it pays off. This afternoon was one such occasion. I had actually taken the photo I planned to use for today's shot before 7am but didn't let that stop me from grabbing the camera when I had to go out this afternoon to take Theatre Boy to drama rehearsals.
And there it was. This sky as I drove by the Kangaroo Point cliffs.
The photo gods were shining and there was a vacant parking space right where I needed it. Jump out, fire off two shots, back in the car and at drama on time. Sorted. Love ya, Brisbane.


  1. saw it too and snapped one myself - spectacular

  2. That is an awesome sunset. I also carry waaay too much stuff in my bag (but still sometimes forget my camera!)

  3. Gorgeous colours, I love sunset photos, although I get more of the sunrise these days!

  4. i just love sunsets - the colours are so majestic and stunning.

  5. Hope I see sunsets like that in September!!

  6. THis is a departure for you! However I love the fluffiness of the clouds, looks like a pink duvet.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365

  7. wow that is absolutely stunning!

  8. love the texture of those clouds, quite amazing, nice to be in the right place at the right time.