Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 18. Day 169. The Graduate

I like to think it is an excellent teacher and not a gifted student.
Well, I would wouldn't I considering
a) I teach students as my day job
b) I was the official dog trainer in my house.
But either way we totally loved puppy training and were a bit sad at the last official training session tonight. And like any Mum I beamed with pride at the graduation ceremony especially as Rumple graduated top of the class and took away the major prize for best pup. We have the cap and the certificate to prove it.
The truth is that a puppy is the perfect balance to having a teenager. As anyone would know I love my boy with all my heart but having another creature that is always pleased to see me, worships the ground on which I walk and knows no rude words or grunts is rather nice. And I've taught him to jump through hoops - literally - something I' have not yet mastered with my teen. So well done Rumple. You've done us proud (not so proud that you are now eating your graduation hat. Oh well, can't win 'em all)

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