Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24. Day 175. Look both ways

As a parent, having eyes in the back of your head is not only an advantage it is pretty much a necessity.
After a while, you get pretty good at it. There's this sixth sense that tells you something isn't quite right or there's some behaviour going on behind your back that needs addressing. You just know.
Today that ability to see without looking failed me. In fact the ability to see what was right in front on my eyes failed me.
The Boy was planning on walking home after rehearsals but it had been a long day so I decided to pick him up. Naturally he managed to walk right by me without me noticing and then thanks to a small mobile phone black spot we both went about behaving like headless chooks looking for each other. Sigh. Two sets of eyes, neither seeing very well. At least my eyes were open earlier at South Bank when I saw these birds. Cute little guys.

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