Friday, June 28, 2013

June 28. Day 179. Feed the birds

Never have I been so pleased to see birds being fed as I was this morning.
From just after the sun rise to sunset every day my elderly neighbour Margaret sits at her window facing the street watching the world go by.
On her tray table is her knitting and a margarine container now filled with mince. Birds of all varieties know this and like fly-in fly out workers they drop by Margaret's window sill for a feed.
But yesterday afternoon the windows were closed  after Margaret took a tumble bringing in her groceries. She went down on the concrete and suffered a large gash to the back of the head.
Fortunately another neighbour was close by and able to call the ambulance. Several hours and four stitches later, Margaret was allowed home late last night and this morning was back at the window with her mince feeding the birds.
Her hair was still matted with blood but just seeing her there brought a smile to my face. The birds seemed pretty pleased to see her back too.

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