Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 22. Day 173. Everybody needs good neighbours

There was a great escape at our place today. The puppy made a dash for freedom and as fast as his little legs would carry him he was across the road visiting the neighbours' kids with me far slower and less agile in pursuit.
Both Rumple and I will miss those kids. The family is moving on in three weeks and I can only hope whoever buys the place is as nice.
The three kids are a delight (this is the youngest two Mitchell and Kirralee on the trampoline). They are always out in the garden playing on the swings or the trampoline, or on their bikes or scooters or setting up shop in the community area between our houses.
It's no wonder Rumple made a beeline for their place - there he found a youthful energy to match his own. I was tired just watching it.


  1. What a perfect shot of youthful exuberance! Love it :)

  2. A great action shot, what child doesn't like a trampoline and being outside having fun! Such a shame their moving on - let's hope the new neighbours are just as nice. Thanks for sharing on Country Kids.

  3. Such exuberance, they look like they're having the time of their lives.

    Nipping over from County Kids.