Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 23. Day 174. Split decision

The city has been a sea of colour this weekend.
Red was everywhere as swarms of British Lions supporters overran the place in good natured celebrations of the team's win over the Wallabies last night.
West End seemed to be one of the hubs for the visitors and it was there that I had intended to walk to this afternoon but in a split second decision changed course and went to South Bank.
There it was green and gold on display - not Wallabies' fans licking their wounds but Brazilians joining in the world-wide protests over government corruption and spending on sporting events in their home country.
The crowd was large and there were Brazilian flags and placards being waved but the crowd was happy and peaceful as content displaying their football skills as their solidarity.
Many families were there enjoying a picnic in the sun as well as joining in the protest.
On the fringes I met Maria, aged 12, who was with her Mum Camila and the rest of the clan at the demonstration. The keen gymnast was pretty much turning the protest on its head. It kind of summed up the whole mood - they were serious about what they were doing but not taking themselves too seriously. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

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