Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25. Day 176. Coming in to land

Yes. The end is in sight. My landing gear has been engaged, the seat is in the upright position, tray stable stowed away and seat belt fastened. I'm about to land and hopefully it will be a soft landing.
By lunch time tomorrow all marks for semester one have to be filed and in true journalistic fashion I will meet that deadline but not by a lot. Nothing like a deadline to focus a girl's attention.
The truth is that spreadsheet after spreadsheet of grades take a lot of concentration and in fairness to every student it is not a time to let the mind wander.
Thus by mid afternoon when the numbers started swimming I decided it was time to take flight, grab the puppy and head out the door for a walk to South Bank.
Fresh air and exercise do wonders for the head. I'm not quite free as a bird- yet - but it's out there. Bring on tomorrow.

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