Friday, June 21, 2013

June 21. Day 172. Diving in

There was singing, a poetry recital, a performance by a magician, a zombie attack and crazy cat videos. And here I was thinking this morning's three hour faculty staff meeting could be a yawn fest.
The theme of much of today was engagement and new and better ways of doing things in our crazy world of new media.
That being the case, it wouldn't have been right if the presentations were all chalk and talk or the modern equivalent Death by PowerPoint.
Education isn't what it used to be and to reinforce the point when the meeting was done and dusted I dropped in on The Cube the jewel in the crown of my university's new Science and Engineering Centre. It's one of the one world's largest digital interactive learning and display spaces and it's way cool. It's all left me with plenty to ponder.

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