Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 30. Day 181. Perfect Snowstorm

I know why there are no women in Slava's Snow Show which is currently being performed at the Queensland Performing Arts Complex.
Had there been I'm sure the production meeting would have gone like this.
"So you want to engulf the whole audience in a giant spider's web and rain literally millions of pieces of snow confetti from the roof? And then you envisage a giant bubble machine followed by a avalanche of still more confetti blown in a snow storm through the whole auditorium, right? Well I'm sure that will look absolutely amazing but who do you think is going to clean up after you?"
All I can say is I'm glad the cleaning contract at the Lyric Theatre isn't mine.
As an audience member, however, I have to say this afternoon's performance was amazing in a way that just has you scratching your head as to how anyone could firstly envisage such a spectacle, thenconvince others to back that vision and finally pull it off.
I can not think of a better way to occupy myself on a dreary old Sunday afternoon.

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