Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8. Day 282. In these shoes? I don't think so

Last night, after polishing the school shoes in readiness for day one of the school term, I set about gluing together a pair of sandals.
They were relatively cheap shoes bought on sale and arguably they were not worth fixing. Most other products that are ripped or torn I would have no hesitation in sending to landfifll but shoes are a category all of their own.
I hang on to them. I do not, as someone has done with this pair in King Edward Park on Wickham Terrace, hang up my boots and retire them.
A comfortable set of footwear is a beautiful thing and worth a bit of extra effort. In any case the shoe glue came with a product warning that it wasn't to be consumed. I mean, really, if I couldn't eat the stuff I might as well use it stick the uppers and soles back together. (On a side note, exactly who are these warnings for? I rather suspect a person thinking of eating shoe glue is not the type of person likely to read and take notice of anything on the packaging).
Anyway, I am strictly a comfort girl when it comes to footwear. For many the term "sensible shoes" is an insult and a sign of age.
I like pretty shiny things but when it comes to my feet and my smalls I would rather have something that feels good than looks good (if you can get both, more's the better).
When it comes to shoes my attitude is more Nancy Sinatra (These Boots Were Made for Walking) than Kirsty Maccoll (In These Shoes? I Don't Think So).
I mean really if you are going to walk a mile in someone's shoes (preferably your own) you want to make sure you don't have blisters at the end of it.

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  1. I don't think you cannot go past a well worn pair of volley's or a nice pair of RM Williams boots in Roo of course....