Friday, October 19, 2012

October 19. Day 293. Spreading your wings

Like so many couples we elected to have a bridal registry when we were married. The argument in favour of such lists is compelling. No risk of getting three toasters and no guess work on the part of the guests. The happy couple gets exactly what they want and need. Easy.
And in the lead up to the big day like children in a candy store you get to walk clipboard in hard around a department store and make a note of every little thing that would make your dreams come true.
But you know what? Seventeen years later this month and I can't tell you one single gift I received from that list. Not one.
I can, however, off the top of my head nominate three gifts that still take pride of place that didn't come from that carefully selected catalogue of gifts we put together ourselves.
There's a set of wine glasses from one aunt and uncle, some Japanese inspired bowls from other and the duck.
I love the teal duck just as I loved these ducks in Kedron Brook today. In truth the duck ornament is a useless dust collector and it is not something I would have ever bought myself .This is what makes it so perfect.
It sits on the sideboard and I admire it every day. And there's the one argument against bridal registries.
There is nothing as special as a gift that's unexpected, perfect and selected with love with just you in mind.
It might be a bit harder but spreading your wings a little can yield unexpectedly great results.

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