Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 14. Day 288. Oktoberfest

Like so many Australian youth before me and in the decades since, I did the great European backpacker thing.
Armed with a Eurorail Pass and membership of Youth Hostels Association and carrying a Let's Go Europe under my arm I headed off for the two-year London adventure.
I ticked off many of the backpacker must dos, including Anzac Day in Gallipoli, but there is one big gap in my education - I never made it to Oktoberfest in Munich.
While I can chicken dance with the best of them, I have actually never been to an Oktoberfest anywhere. Until today.
The two-week Oktoberfest celebrations kicked off in Brisbane this weekend and Sundays are family days.
Nothing proves I am no longer the 20 something backpacker than what attracted my attention. My eyes were drawn to the quite adorable young German dancers. That's the kind of atmosphere I now enjoy drinking in. Skol.

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  1. She's thinking "Hmmmm, I could tap that".