Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 16. Day 290. Up to your neck in it

I'm drowning (and not JUST in snot).
You know the feeling? (well with any luck you don't but I suspect I'm not the only one).
You are desperately treading water trying to keep at least the bits that suck in oxygen above the rising tide of crap that always seems to threaten to drag you under.
Thus I feel a real affinity with the water dragons I saw at South Bank this morning. They could only just be seen poking out from the depths of what the sign announced was "recycled water".
Yep, there's a real feeling of dealing with the same s*it over and over again instead of tackling it and putting it behind you once and for all.
The good news it that the end is in sight. Week 12 of a 13 Week semester. Hallelujah. That and a liberal dose of cold tablets will keep me in the swim.
In the mean time if the eyes are a bit beady, the skin a scaly and I'm breathing more fire than usual forgive me. If all else fails, ignore the signs that warn against feeding the wildlife and administer chocolate.


  1. What a clever post.
    It made me smile, poor you though.
    My motto is always 'nothing lasts long ' you will feel better soon.

  2. love the way you link what appears to be random pictures in with life, very intelligent, not to mention a brilliant picture

  3. I know exactly where you're coming from. Week 7 of an 8 week half term and on Friday our school hosts a conference for the neighbouring schools. It means our head is on 'form' bigtime pushing us to the edge. It'll soon be over!

    Thanks for linking up

  4. Very clever post, love it. Beautiful photos x

  5. He's an interesting looking fella.

  6. Great photos but some very wise words indeed. That pretty much sums up how I've been feeling of late although I don't have a cold at least. I hope you are feeling better soon, it is horrible when these colds drag on. You need a good rest.

  7. Great association between the life of the water dragon and your own. I hope your cold is on the way out at least and life picks up for you so you don't feel lurk that for much longer x

  8. I love your pictures and your post - hope you feel better soon and it won't be long before you get that much needed rest!

  9. Great post! Must show these pics to my son - he'd love them. :)

  10. Sending chocolate! Lovely photos, I hope you get to make the most of the forthcoming break.

  11. Lovely photo capture and fingers crossed you are now feeling better too.