Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 18. Day 292. Throwing up

On a beautiful hot day like today this is the only sort of throwing up that should be allowed.
These young men skylarking in the pool at South Bank were certainly making the most of the hot Brisbane conditions taking turns at throwing each other up into the air.
I love the look of the bloke sitting one the edge just watching. I rather suspect he'd have liked to have thrown himself into the thick of it instead of just watching from the sidelines.
Today I was also one of life's spectators watching rather than doing and where's the fun in that?
Unfortunately bronchitis has sidelined me. This photo says it all. Lots of fluids and feeling like you could be throwing up as well as being totally off balance. Woe is me.
I'm just waiting for the antibiotics to kick it so I can once again be head down bum up and fully in the swim of things.
Until then, I like to watch.

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