Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 25. Day 299. Where there's smoke

What is it about sleeping?
If you have to get up early, instead of making the most of every delicious minute bonding with your pillow, you seem to wake up every half an hour haunted by the read out on the digital alarm clock.
This morning I got bored with that stupid game and decided the evil forces of "should I be awake yet?" had won and I would just get up and go walking.
There was a pay off.
All those hideous bush fires circling the city in recent days had left a very obvious smell of smoke in the air and where there's smoke there's often awesome sunrises and sunsets.
So for those of you who did manage to sleep in, the photo just above is what you missed.
Yes, a very attractive sunrise from Highgate Hill this morning but to tell you the truth the view of the inside of my eyelids would have suited me better.
And for sleepy heads, the good news is the sunset photographed at the top also from Highgate Hill, was even better


  1. they complain about the rain in Scotland, but at least we dont get bush fires with the rain. must be scary

  2. Wow, that's some great ball o' fire...