Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 23. Day 297. TB or not TB

I'm a competitive soul so I took a sort of perverse pleasure when the General Practitioner last week told me my cough was the worst she'd heard all week. A job worth doing is worth doing well, right?
A week and a box and a half of antibiotics later and the joy of being really good at something is getting very old. "TB or not TB? That is consumption," as they say in the classics.
Okay, I exaggerate but this acute bronchitis is beyond annoying. My lungs feel like this spider's web I saw at South Bank this morning. The air is getting through but it's all bound up and restricted with annoying bits caught where they shouldn't rightly be. Attractive huh?
I think it looks a lot prettier with the reflective light than what I imagine the inside of my chest cavity is like right now.
But new drugs today I shall be escaping this tangled web which is just as well as. When it comes to webs, I much prefer the one you can surf, thank-you very much. Cough, cough.

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