Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 30. Day 304. Mother duck said "quack, quack" come back

You feed them. You nurture them and then the little loves spread their wings and fly away.
Today the annual QUT Journalism Student Awards are on, a ceremony that recognises our best and brightest and farewells another clutch of journalism students.
This ceremony and the graduation which will soon follow are bitter sweet occasions.
It really gives you a great sense of pride and satisfaction to see those fresh faced and idealistic new students develop to accomplished young people ready to take on the world.
You like to think that you have played a role in honing and focusing natural talent by taking them under your wing and feeding them on a diet combining nurturing and tough love. But in the end it's what they choose to do with that which matters most. You can take a horse to water and all that.
So today I feel a bit like this Mother Duck I photographed at South Bank this morning. The charges are still right by in the calm water but you know they are about to take off.
I know they will go far and I sincerely hope they enjoy the ride.

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