Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15. Day 289. Got it on tap

Water bubblers. Remember them? They were how we got water on the run before we decided it was perfectly acceptable to pay for something in a bottle which we could get free from the tap.
Of course, drinking from a water bubbler was always a bit of a game of Russian roulette - really you never knew which one was going to fire.
One day, the water pressure would be so low that you'd practically have to suck it from the pipe. There would be this parade of sweaty little bodies in the school playground all lining up for their chance to get a dribble. And that was before anyone had even thought about water restrictions. The germs around those bubblers would have been a pathologist's delight. Other days, it would shoot out with such force it be impossible not to wear it. This one I found in the park  by New Farm's Power House today was certainly in the second group. No-one was around but all of its own accord the bubbler was bubbling.
There was this gentle stream of liquid gold going down the drain - literally. Hopefully the water police will arrest that flow without delay.
It only takes one look at our sadly browning lawns to remind us of just how precious this commodity is we have on tap.

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  1. Nice picture, which reminds me I should a have glass or two right now.