Sunday, October 28, 2012

October 28. Day 302. The F Word

Today's post is brought to you by the letter F.
When my son was in about Year 2 another boy in his grade came up to me and whispered conspiratorially: "I know an F word."
"Goodness," I replied. "At your age you should know quite a few words starting with F."
Of course he didn't mean an F word but THE F word and as we all know not all F words are created equal.
Fat is not a nice F word when referring to flab on your body but bloody fantastic in food.
Which brings me to families where finding fun so often involves finding funds.
The best things in life may be free but an awful lot of the other things we volunteer to do or get talked into are anything but.
It's not fair (or is that fare).
Anyway when there is free fun on offer, families will come flocking.
So it was at the Carindale Recreation Reserve today where the Green Heart Fair saw large happy crowds under grey skies.
One of the favourite activities was the giant slide which Peter Maddock and daughters Mya, 3, and Grace, 5, were totally getting into.
Fabulous. Frivolous. Focused.
I have no idea how many F words that is. Too many. But does show that sometimes the best things in life ARE free and that is fair or perhaps fayre.


  1. I'm a great believer of finding fings (sorry!) for free to occupy the kiddies! This fair looks fantastic fun! I'll stop now. Nice to have find your blog via Country Kids x

  2. Now that looks like a good fair! I love the lead Dad and daughters picture, perfect family fun. Thanks you for joining me again on Country Kids

  3. What a great post. I love all that good free stuff - does look like a lot of fun. Great photos.

  4. What a marvellous event, it looks like it was a fantastic time, love the butterfly lady.

    Popping over from Country Kids

  5. Can't beat a free day out. Looks like you all had a lot of fun.

  6. I look the butterfly lady photo :) I'm jealous that you're almost into the Summer months.