Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 13. Day 287. Soaring over the city

Rule 1. Mothers don't get sick.
Therefore I can only assume that feeling like you've eaten razor blades, sounding like every breath could be your last and drowning in bodily secretions are signs of being a picture of health.
Fortunately my family rallied by my bedside where rallied is defined as came in and asked to have pasta cooked for lunch (son) and dropped in to say goodbye before going out to play bridge (husband). Refer to Rule 1.
By late afternoon powered by a nap and a cocktail of cold tablets and Ventolin, I decided it was safe to leave the house. Fresh air and sunshine are great tonics even those with consumptive illnesses.
While I wasn't exactly soaring it was nice to watch those who were. I love this photo of Chloe (aged five and a half) on the bungee trampoline with the city as the backdrop.
Chloe was enjoying the Endeavour Foundation's Big Community Day Out at South Bank with her mum Caroline and family.
That's quite an angle to see the city from and worth getting out of bed for. After all  I have no excuses. Rule 1. Mothers don't get sick.


  1. I spent last weekend in bed aching everywhere, even my hair hurt. My loving husband went fishing.

    1. In a weird way I find that reassuring although you have my sympathy. Men

  2. Must be in the air, I felt rubbish yesterday and had to back out of a girls night out! Glad you are over the worst and got to go out. Lovely photo as always.

  3. Amazing photo, really impressive! Sorry you've been feeling poorly, it's not pleasant easpecially when you're the one they all rely on!

  4. you are such an amazing person. you always have your camera ready at the exact time that something amazing happens! another stupendous capture x

  5. That is an awesome picture: lova all the urban buildings in the background so it looks like she is really high up!

  6. Fab. love that blue sky, wish I was there!

  7. That is an amazing photograph, I love the sheer exhileration on her face! Wish I had the confidence (and the lack of weight) to try one of these.

    Thanks for linking up, popped via 366 and Country Kids.

  8. Fantastic photo. Hope you're feeling better.

  9. A fantastic photo, I love the look on her face!

    Over from Country Kids