Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 3. Day 277. Go take a running jump

You know what it's like. You are heading off to breakfast but you see a wall and you just have to leap off it for a bit, right?
Okay, that never happens to me. Nothing distracts me when en route to my daily date with the bowl of Uncle Toby's Plus Protein with skim milk (no, this is not a sponsored post but you should totally try the stuff, it's delicious).*
But it seems I have got it all wrong (not about the cereal, it's still delicious). If I really want to make sure nothing comes between me and my cereal obsession I should do what these teens were doing at South Bank this morning and go take a running jump.
The boys (from left) Dalton Collis, 17, Les Hampson, 18, and Izaac Fabian, 16, were practicing parkour which they explained was a way of overcoming obstacles to get from point A to point B in the fastest and most efficient way possible. You run, climb, swing, vault, leap or roll - whatever it takes - to make that bee line to your destination.
It was just after 7am when I ran into the boys and they'd been at it since 5am and had been heading off to find something to eat when they saw this spot and decided it just demanded a few more practice leaps.
Clearly they just love it. While other teen boys (you know who I'm talking about here Mr O) were still tucked up in bed making the most of the school holidays these boys were really throwing themselves into it. Izaac also explained how he had invested about $60 in raw materials and was planning on building launch pads in his back yard. And then after a polite chat the boys were off.
Two hours later on the other side of the river in Ann Street across from the Cathedral I happened to see the same trio leaping off another wall obviously having found their breakfast and recharged their tanks.
True to their word. no obstacle was too big.

* Uncle Toby's feel free to send me large boxes in gratitude for this mention


  1. With a teenager myself I think it is great for them to have a sporting interest, no matter what it is or how cool it is, boys especially still need an excuse to let off steam jut as they did as youngsters, looks like these lads have found a perfect solution for them. Thanks for linking up some great snaps and a wonderful explanation too.

  2. How on Earth do you manage to keep finding such amazing photos? Fantastic!

    Popping over from Country Kids

  3. you always have your camera at the exact right moment that something amazing happens - how do you do that? oh i have just seen that the boy and me write the same thing! x