Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2. Day 276. Fire

 What a tragic end to what has been a controversial little chapter in Brisbane's history.
As someone who lives near Musgrave Park and walks through there regularly, I have watched the Aboriginal tent embassy from the beginning.
In the early days, I went up and had a chat and the residents explained that they would be there for the long haul and planned to stay until they had achieved full equality.
At that stage the embassy was small but it mushroomed and then the police moved in under council direction. The scenes of the residents being forcefully removed in the lead-up to the Paniryri Greek Festival were frankly shameful.
But true to their word, the residents stayed moving their camp further up the hill. It was a much smaller camp, well established and vibrant especially on the weekend.
Until this morning. Now all that is left it a smouldering mess. It is possible that fire may have achieved what the authorities couldn't and killed the camp.
It is equally possible that like last time the incident will only make the residents more determined.
Time will tell.

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  1. Indeed very sad and tragic, I'm sure it will be rebuilt... Those first two shots are excellent Susan..