Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 4. Day 278. The Karate Kids

Probably the most frequent question posed by children to their parents.
When we were well into our teenage years my father would, in the style of a politician, always answer that question with a question of his own.
"Why does a dog lick its balls?"
We knew the answer. "Because it can." Discussion over.
I thought of that this morning when at Reverend Green at South Bank.
There I found Sensei Will McLay (on the right) of Happy Dragon Martial Arts and his student Don practising their karate.
I asked Will why he had chosen that spot to go through his paces.
"Because I can," he replied.
Actually, the answer should have been self evident. Would you look at that backdrop? On a fresh Spring morning it would be hard to imagine a better place in the city for morning meditation and exercise.
Sensei Will, Don and sometimes one or two others meet for an hour five mornings a week at this spot for a workout to start the day.
Because they can. 
And why not, I say.


  1. Great shot, Thanks Susan from Don Teakle

  2. I love this photo Susan.