Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 9. Day 253. Berry, berry nice

Remember when fruit was seasonal? When the arrival of a new variety of fruit on the market shelves had a very strong association with a particular time of year?
Watermelon to me would equal the last day of school for the year. Cherries were for Christmas and the arrival of strawberries meant the Ekka was about to arrive in town and Spring was just around the corner.
Now if your wallet is deep enough and your desire strong enough you can buy just about anything at just about any time.
You may have to overlook the fact that the fruit will have traveled half way around the world in refrigeration but if you want it you can have it.
But I still believe in eating fruit in season grown locally (if only because it means I don't have to take out a second mortgage to do so).
And right now that's strawberries and at Cleveland today strawberries were the fruit of choice at the annual Red Fest, a celebration formerly known as the Redland Strawberry Festival.
There was the usual fun of the fair and plenty and families were out in force enjoying a huge range of live entertainment. But the highlight for me was the strawberry eating contest.
Here five-year-old Olivia was showing off her strawberry eating style.
You have to admit it's berry, berry cute.
She didn't win but a plate full of strawberries in season is its own reward.Yum.


  1. i think it is fair to say that she is getting stuck into those strawberries!!and yes i do recall when certain fruit or veg would mark a time of year, as you say with fruit and veg being more readily available now all year round those associations fade x x

  2. What an adorable bumble bee :) Looks like she is enjoying her berries x

    Found via country kids x

  3. Looks like a winner to me, as you say, definitely the cute factor this week! Thanks for linking.

  4. Me and my kids could eat punnets and punnets of strawberries.But I agree they are best eaten in season.

  5. What a pretty little bee she makes!

    Popping over from Country Kids

  6. I love how she is dressed as a bee to eat them. I'm ashamed to say I'm guilty of just going to the local supermarket. It's more seasonal vegetables with me.

  7. Gorgeous, I love the facial expressions!

    Popping over from Country Kids x