Saturday, September 8, 2012

September 8. Day 252. Centre of balance

I spent most of the morning looking for a bundle of assignments I needed to mark which I had put in a "safe" place. Then I went out to take photographs only to confirm that the camera works much better when the battery isn't still on the charger. The car keys were misplaced for a while as was my wallet.
You get the idea.
Losing and forgetting things really worries me because my father died of early onset Alzheimer's disease, a hideous infliction that has quite a strong genetic link. He was only in his mid 50s when he first started showing signs and was dead by the time he was 62.
But then I remind myself that I have been losing things for decades and these periods of "forgetfulness" almost always correspond with times where I feel under stress.
At these moments I get a bad case of Craft Disease, which if you haven't got a medical dictionary in front of you is Can't Remember a F***ing Thing  Disease.
I manage to keep juggling the big things but the little things start suffering. It is obvious it is time to rediscover the centre of balance, to make a few changes.
So I went to check out Yoga Aid World Challenge at Roma Street Parklands this afternoon. I'm not actually convinced that yoga is my answer but it raises good questions.
You can't spend all your life head down bum up, I know that but exactly how to find that centre of balance is the question. Watch this space.

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