Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17. Day 261. You don't bring me flowers

I only have myself to blame for this.
For almost an entire year in the courting phase, my now husband sent me flowers or chocolates - sometimes both - at least once a week.
You have to admit there's something special about fresh flowers, such delicate beauty. Look a this bloom I photographed on my walk today. It's hard to imagine anything man has made that could match this.
Anyway when we became engaged I suggested that in an effort to save money for a wedding, honeymoon and home we really should drop such extravagance.
So he stopped saying it with flowers. Now I get flowers on Mother's Day or Valentine's Day or other special occasions such as when the supermarket markdown person has been particularly active.
Romance is not dead it's just a bit wilted and comes with a 20% off sticker.
Like I said, I only have myself to blame and to be honest you really do appreciate that little gesture when it arrives not regularly but when you least expect it. That's blooming marvellous.

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