Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 25. Day 269. I don't give a feather or a fig

An email hit my in basket in the past week inviting people who live in the Highgate Hill area to join a birders group. The email talked of the vast amount of wildlife in the area and sought to recruit people interested in sharing sightings and observations.
My reaction was pretty much "whatever". I may be a tweeter but a twitcher I am not.
I love the fact that the area is indeed teeming with birdlife but I could count the number of bird species in the area I could name on the fingers of one hand.
But I seem to have developed a fascination with photographing birds, perhaps because there are so many of them and they do seem to like to pose (Also birds don't look at you like you are a pervert when you point a big lens at them and there is never an issue with informed consent).
Anyway today it was my ear not my eye that drew my attention to this fellow. It had the most beautiful musical call.
So when I returned home I consulted my bird reference book (otherwise known as Google) and came to the conclusion that this is an Australian Figbird (I am very happy to admit that this is far from a scientific certainly but I'll go with that).
Now in the words of Swing on a Star, I may not give a feather or a fig but the call of this bloke was music to my ears. Quite the little songbird

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  1. Gee, the red around the eyes really hits you...in the eyes. Great photo, and sharp.