Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14. Day 258. Pedal power

I can't remember the year but I can tell you it was April 2 when I decided that I wasn't cut out to be a cyclist.
I know this because the day earlier - April 1 - I had played a truly excellent April Fools Day joke. Having returned from a bike ride I used my mobile phone to call the house and announce I'd fallen off my bike and needed rescuing and they came running. I then laughed a lot at how clever I'd been to suck them in.
But then, like the boy who cried wolf, the very next day I came off my bike injuring my limbs, the bike but most importantly my pride. Obviously I never learned from the saying about getting back on and my interest in cycling waned.
Despite my wimpyness, I admire cyclists.
I live right by one of what appears to be one of Brisbane's most popular cycling routes. To get anywhere I have to turn out on to Gladstone Road at Highgate Hill. Frequently this involves a long wait as a parade of bike riders puffs its way up the insanely steep hill from the Eleanor Schonell Bridge en route to the city or West End.
I respect their dedication and perseverance if not their over reliance on the wearing of Lycra. Even during my very brief cycling career I would have had no chance of tackling that hill (unless the bike was on the roof of a car like this one I photographed this morning right at the top).
What I especially like about this photo is that it was snapped next to a sign marking the end of the bike lane, as though the bike had got to that point and realised it was game over. Yeah well, as though any cyclist ever let the small matter of road signs or rules affect their behaviour! Now having put that out there I'd better get on my bike and start pedalling at great pace to escape the cyclists coming after me.


  1. Good blog, great timing for the shot

  2. Yes, love the shot. April Fools Day should probably be exempt from 'crying wolf'.