Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 15. Day 259. Doing what comes naturally

An accomplished pianist friend once told me how frustrated she would get when people commented on how "lucky" she was to have been given such a "talent" for music.
Yes music was a gift, she said, but rarely did people seem to acknowledge just how much hard work, practice and determination had to go in to make the music look like it came naturally.
As with so many things in life you get out of it what you are prepared to put in. Hard work may not always be its own reward but big rewards often come from hard work.
Just look at nine-year-old Tamika who was showing off her incredible skill on the Bungee Trampoline at the Beenleigh Show today. This kid is a natural. Never have I seen as many backflips in a row except perhaps during my time as a political reporter.
But check out that look on her face. That's pure grit and determination. She may be just letting her hair down at an agricultural fair but she's giving it all she's got.
My son is desperate to get a T Shirt that reads "Hard work never killed anyone but I don't want to risk it". Something tells me that's not Tamika's style. This one is bending over backwards to get it right.


  1. Another classic of your Susan. Just love that expression!

  2. That is a really determined face! Wise words too x

  3. Look of determination there! Great capture :)

  4. Amazing picture and even more importantly the words with it.
    Came from the boy and me linky

  5. What a brave little one you have there! I don't think I could do that even now!

  6. Goodness you've really captured how that must have felt for that girl to ride that bungee jump ride! Love the look of real determination on her face and the way er hair is standing up!

  7. seems to be enjoying herself, love the action that you captured and the striped pole in the background finishes it off nicely

  8. Wow! I love this picture: it captures the fun of childhood in a frame!

  9. The exertion on her face is pretty damned amazing.

    Thanks for linking up