Friday, September 21, 2012

September 21. Day 265. Ruffling a few feathers

This kookaburra is a picture of patience. It sat stoically in the tree this morning while the noisy miner took great pleasure in sticking its beak in - literally - and ruffling a few feathers - again literally. The kookaburra took it for a bit before deciding to beat a hasty retreat with the miner in hot pursuit.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who has worked with people like the miner. You know the types. They seem to take great joy in making a lot of noise, ruffling feathers and sticking their beak in where it is not wanted. Often they have no concept of a personal space bubble. Eventually you reach a point of fight or flight.
At work at least, I'm rather like the kookaburra. I'm more inclined to take off than take up the fight, often to my detriment. The problem with doing anything for a quiet life is that is really only rewards the behaviour and in the end creates more rather than less noise. And those who make the most noise so often get the biggest rewards.
Perhaps ruffling a few feathers isn't such a bad idea.

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  1. no sometimes people need their feathers ruffling. nice shot