Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 20. Day 264. Head in the clouds

I often walk around with my head in the clouds.
I totally zone out on my walk in the morning, sometimes lost in a world of thoughts, sometimes lost in a big blanket of blissful nothing.
Walking time is me time and it's great. But there are times when being lost in your own world means you can miss a whole lot of what is going on around you.
This morning I sat by the river for about 20 minutes totally engrossed in taking photos of bougainvillea overhanging the water.
While I was zooming in on the finer detail I was totally missing the big picture - the huge blanket of fog which had descended on the city.
I think that's a bit like life really. There are times when we get so engrossed in dealing with the trivial detail that we totally fail to see the full scope of what's going on.
Fortunately today I got to see both and then the fog lifted to reveal a beautiful Brisbane day.


  1. That's a really special one, captures the morning beautifully and the 'glassiness' of the river that 612's Tim Cox mentioned, before he went home again. Spectacular! (Um, the shot, not the fact Tim had to go home...)

    1. Photo was taken about the time of the changeover from Tummy Trouble Tim to Phil