Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12. Day 256. Christmas is coming

For reasons I can not explain and  which can only be bad for my mental health, I looked at a Christmas countdown site today. There's 103 Days until Christmas. Depressed yet? Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas but when I saw a tweet yesterday about someone finishing Christmas shopping, I went just a bit pale. It's possible there may have been a bit of sick in my mouth.
I'm not ready for Christmas but it's out there. The shops are now displaying the Christmas stock. The annual toy sales have been and gone and Father's Day has passed which leaves Christmas as the only remaining event on the Hallmark calendar for the year. Gulp.
And then this morning at South Bank when I saw trees all festooned with lights and this giant bauble hanging there I started to come over all a bit Scrooge. It seems that even the truly fabulous Brisbane Festival is trying to remind me that the season is approaching. 
Don't worry, I will be feeling as Merry as the next person when the time comes. But the time hasn't yet come at least not for me. So for now Bah Humbug

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