Saturday, September 29, 2012

September 29. Day 273. Dazzling smile

It was all smiles at South Bank this afternoon as the large crowds began to gather for what is arguably this biggest event on the Brisbane calendar Riverfire. And no-one was supporting a bigger grin than Chris who was manning a store selling anything you could imagine that glows in the dark. Clearly my imagination isn't big enough because before today I had not envisaged a market for glow-in-the-dark teeth. As the old saying goes "Your teeth are like stars, they come out at night" and there was a twinkle in Chris's eyes to match that dazzling smile.
Truth is Chris was far from the only big kid getting ready for the Riverfire. There is something about fireworks that brings out a childlike joy in just about all of us. A few will mumble about the cost in terms of dollars and the environment but to them I say "bah humbug". You don't have to flash an LED powered smile but just today keep your mouth shut or find something else to sink your teeth into. Now let the fireworks begin.

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