Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11. Day 255. Sharing the Goodwill

Here's a little bit of Goodwill for today (for the uninitiated that's Brisbane's Goodwill Bridge in the background).
It really is amazing how much difference someone doing a little random act of kindness, sharing a bit Goodwill, can make to your day.
Like the carpark at work.We still have the old fashioned parking tickets, the ones invented before the mean-spirited council invented parking tickets specific to your car so you can't pass on unused hours to the next motorists.
Sometimes a driver leaving the carpark will window his or her window and hand you the carpark ticket. Now this saves you the total of about $4 but the goodwill you feel is priceless.
On the other hand, if a driver defies the natural carpark order and sneaks in to the space you have been patiently waiting for, you can be in a bad mood for hours (but perhaps that's just me).
In any event a little bit of Goodwill goes a long way (And if someone would like to save me a park at work today, that would be great. Thanks)

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  1. Have a great day, perfect lighting in the pic btw