Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November 29. Day 334. For crying out loud

I sometimes wonder is one of those party girls whose here for a good time not a long time. And like the parent of any young party animal she is determined to take years off my life. Today she escaped twice. The first time she did a runner she took advantage of the pool man moving a barrier. I caught her next door. That was just the warm up act. The next time I decided to take the dogs for a walk after dropping Drama Teen off in the city. We were in the QUT car park, which is only under the freeway and next to a river and a bike path. I stopped the car. The dogs jumped on my lap. I clipped two leads on and opened the car door. Winkle jumped and ran - I'd somehow managed to clip both leads to the same collar. Rumple was very secure and Winkle as free as a bird. I screamed. Oliver screamed. Winkle skipped around having a great time. Across the car park and out on to the bike path she went with me in hot pursuit.  She dodged a couple of fast moving cyclists and then came back. I clipped her on the right lead and pushed my heart back from my mouth to where it belonged. Cats have nine lives. Dogs - and their owners need at least that many.

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