Wednesday, November 23, 2016

November 23. Day 328. Hitting the ground running

There's no rest for the wicked which must mean I've been a very bad girl. It would be wrong to imply I have been sprinting but at least interval training with short bursts of speed followed by slightly slower periods. Certainly sleeping off jet lag is not an option. Being out of the home and office for almost two weeks causes a backlog of work and today I was playing catch up. Forms, phone and email dominated the work front. The domestic duties involved such exciting things as a mountain of laundry which really should have involved a sherpa to conquer. And the needs of the fur friends required attending to. Winkle was up for annual vaccinations and both dogs needed flea and tick treatment and worming. And I owed them a little quality time. So off to Nudgee Beach we went. Let's be honest. Nudgee Beach's main redeeming feature is its relative proximity to the Brisbane CBD and its dog friendliness. It's not going to get a mention in Lonely Planet or Trip Adviser. But my dogs can't read and the criteria sheet they use to reference isn't the same as humans. Is there water? Check. Can we run free? Check. Is there stuff to roll in? Check. Right. High distinction for you. And watching the dogs run free is always a quality experience for me. If you are going to hit the ground running, this is the way to do it.

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